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Jongin's butt is important and luhan makes me cry
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Luhan has no ass
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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

luhan and his bunny


We are jaehyovah’s witnesses. We spread the word of block b.




the like and hate ratio is intense in red velvet video, like that is the highest hate ratio ive ever seen in an sm video tbh


(6/???) b&w edits of Red Velvet

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Luhan helping Tao during rehearsals ~

Chanyeol runs to hold Baekhyun’s hand when he just got home

140727 Rehearsals for TLP in Changsha

BeakguonniHS: Gege said Tao’s right foot is already swollen like a baozi, the company didn’t want to let him perform, but he said he wanted to endure it, even if he was only allowed to perform in a wheelchair, he wanted to go with it, how could we not love someone who cares so much of his fans. 

炸掉_SAMA: During Yixing, Luhan and Tao’s segment, I couldn’t hear them clearly. What I heard was, they said Tao’s feet are as swollen as a baozi already and still wanted to come for rehearsals. After that, Luhan pushed Tao around in the wheelchair and played with him, walked and talked with him. Then, Sehun also pushed for a while. Thank you guys T_T Rehearsals have ended now.

顾绯_Guphia: Tao who was injured ended up becoming the lucky fan haha. At the end, Tao was held down stage by Chanyeol and Luhan. (picture 2 & 3)

Chanyeol coolly pushing Tao all around the stage for Tao to catch some air haha. (picture 4)

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The first question shouldn’t be “are you taken” but “are you interested.”

Contrary to popular stank male belief, a woman being single doesn’t endow you with magical woman-getting properties.